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Nintendo could become the next Disney – if investors get their way

Games, movies, theme parks and beyond It’s one of the top gaming companies in the world, but could Nintendo one day be among the top entertainment companies too, in the same vein as Disney? That’s the hope of one of its new investors, according to a report from Reuters. Investment firm ValueAct Capital Partners now […]

Microsoft’s affordable Xbox Series X alternative could be on the cusp of reveal

What is Project Lockhart? While Microsoft has lifted the lid on some details about the Xbox Series X, such as specs and hardware design, the company has continued a radio silence about the rumored other console in its next-gen lineup: Project Lockhart. But that could change soon. Project Lockhart is set to be a more […]

Death Stranding on PC is delayed to July

Six-week delay as developers work from home Death Stranding was supposed to come out on PC in just over a month, on June 2, but it has now been delayed until July due to disruption caused by the outbreak of coronavirus. The new release date for Death Stranding is July 14, as announced by Kojima […]

Far Cry 3 villain Vaas could return in some form, actor suggests

Michael Mando called Vaas his ‘spirit animal’. Far Cry 3 was very well-received when it released in 2012, and not just because it re-imagined the series’ open world shooter blueprint. It also featured the series’ best villain in the form of Vaas Montenegro. Vaas is remembered fondly by fans (despite being quite scary), and he’s […]

Black Mesa was one of Steam’s top-selling new games in March

Borderlands 3 and the wonky survival MMO Last Oasis also made the list. It took more than a decade (closer to two, really), but the Source-powered Half-Life remake Black Mesa was finally completed and released this year. And despite the long wait, it was a hit. We scored it 84/100 in our “Xen doesn’t suck […]

Sea of Thieves’ new Emissary system gives you a ‘guaranteed reward’ for PvP

Even if the ship you sink doesn’t have loot, the Ships of Fortune update will still make sure you get a payoff. Pirates, as always, are gonna pirate—even from other pirates. But a continuing issue in Sea of Thieves is that the pirates most likely to fight each other on the high seas are pirates […]

Where are all the Radeon mobile gaming laptops? AMD says they’re coming

Covid-19 caused a delay in getting laptops out the door with AMD’s Radeon RX 5700M and 5600M GPUs. To borrow a phrase from my southern roots, it’s slim pickings if you go in search of a gaming laptop with a newfangled Ryzen 4000 series processor inside. The list further dwindles when scoping out one with […]